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The Southern Maryland RC&D Board of Directors

 Our Board

Southern Maryland RC&D is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors composed entirely of citizens from the communities we serve. This Board is the driving force behind all of the Council’s good work. There are a wide variety of skills and professions represented among our Board Members. We have educators, farmers, conservation professionals and business managers. We even have strong student representation with one student position for each of our four counties.

We are especially proud of our student representatives. Since 1997 we have had 17 students serve on our Board of Directors. Nationwide many organizations and even other RC&D Councils encourage limited student participation in activities, mentor Junior Councils, or create Junior/Associate Board Member positions. Southern Maryland RC&D’s students are full Board Members with voting privileges. Student involvement in this Council is a profound investment in Maryland’s future as this Board mentors tomorrow’s conservation and development professionals. In fact, this Council has inspired many young people to pursue careers in conservation and community development.

The Board of Directors is composed of Sponsor Appointed and Board Appointed members. Sponsoring organizations in Anne Arundel, Calvert, Charles and St. Mary’s Counties include the Forest Conservancy District Boards, Soil Conservation Districts, County Commissioners / County Executive and the Tri-County Council for Southern Maryland. There are currently 17 Sponsor Appointed positions. There are seven Board Appointed members. All Board Members are volunteers. They receive no compensation for their considerable involvement with Southern Maryland RC&D.

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 Current Board


Patricia Pinnell
Chair, Executive Committee, representing St. Mary’s Forest Conservancy District Board

John Czajkowski
Vice-Chair, Executive Committee Member Representing Anne Arundel Soil Conservation District


Bruce Young
Secretary/Treasurer, Executive Committee Member for St. Mary's County, representing St. Mary’s County Commissioners,

Bill Clark
Executive Committee Member for Calvert County, representing Calvert County Soil Conservation District

Jennifer David
Executive Committee Member for Charles County, representing Tri-County Council for Southern Maryland


Tommy Wright
Executive Committee Member for St. Mary's County

Jim Bardsley
Executive Committee Member for Anne Arundel County, representing Anne Arundel Forest Conservancy District Board




Charles County Student Representative


Robert Cooper

Representing St. Mary’s Soil Conservation District





Charles County Forest Conservancy District Board

V. Wilson Freeland
Representing Calvert County Commissioners

Olga Walter

Board Appointed Member

Luis Dieguez
Representing Charles Soil Conservation District




Anne Arundel County Student Representative

Michael Pellegrino
Representing Charles County Commissioners





Calvert County Student Representative




St. Mary's County Student Representative



Jill Lee

Calvert County Forest Conservancy District Board







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All RC&D programs and services are offered on a nondiscriminatory basis, without regard to race, age, marital or familial status, political beliefs or disability.

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