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The Southern Maryland RC&D Area Plan

 Area Plan
This document is the Area Plan, or long-range strategic plan, for Southern Maryland Resource Conservation and Development (RC&D) Board, Inc.  We use the term Area Plan because this strategic plan is responsive to community identified needs specific to the four-county area, or Development Area, served by Southern Maryland RC&D. This Area Plan was developed through a public process to ensure that the unique needs and opportunities in our Development Area were fully addressed. We solicited public input through surveys and later through involvement in a workshop to form Goals, Objectives and Strategies from the survey responses. A committee of Board Members, with assistance from the RC&D Coordinator, worked hard to facilitate the public process and ultimately develop this Area Plan. The Maryland counties served by this Area Plan include Anne Arundel, Calvert, Charles and St. Mary’s.

The purpose of this Area Plan is to provide a strategic direction for the Southern Maryland RC&D, to ensure that our resources are properly invested in our communities. This Area Plan helps us to remain responsive to our communities and collaborative in our efforts. Since our Development Area is dynamic, this Area Plan is dynamic and will evolve as needs emerge. While the Goals, Objectives and Strategies contained in this plan are fairly comprehensive, they will be reevaluated annually and implemented through an Annual Plan of Work.

For additional information about the RC&D Area Planning process, please contact us at (301) 475-8427 ext. 6.

 Annual Plan of Work

The Annual Plan of Work outlines Southern Maryland RC&D's project activities. This important and dynamic extension of the Area Plan provides a timeline for all current project work. 

 2017 Annual Plan of Work




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