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Landowner Newsletter

Southern Maryland RC&D will be sharing and posting quarterly landowner newsletters here.


This year RC&D will be offering our assistance & partnership to St. Mary's County at their Forest School!  Be sure to check it out on Facebook here & read the news release here! We hope to see you there! 

RC&D's Eco-School will return in 2025!


Local Landscaping

Why use native plants


Add native plants to your balcony window box or containers, a small bed in your townhouse garden or a large section of your one-acre lot, and experts tell us we will tangibly make a difference in our Chesapeake landscape. You will create habitat, grow high quality seeds and produce nectar and food local pollinators and birds need to thrive.  Check out Nuts for Natives to learn more and find a local nursery to purchase native plants from!

Check out the new Conservation Toolbox

Check out the new Conservation Toolbox!  It's a one-stop shop for landowners in Souther Maryland (Charles, Calvert, & St. Mary's) to find information about conservation and restoration programs for their properties! 

Thanks to Charles County Government and Chesapeake Bay Trust for funding this project and supporting the initiative!

The flyer can also be viewed here

Backyard Steam Stewards Program
ou Do you have a stream in your backyard or community? Have you noticed erosion problems? Are you interested in preventing erosion and keeping your backyard stream healthy? We are here to help! Please check out the flyer here for more details and a link to the survey! 











Job Board

Looking for a new career in the environmental/conservation field?  Check out the Chesapeake Network's Job Board full of available jobs and internships here.

Volunteer with SOMD RC&D

Sign up here and join our volunteer list to be notified of local community volunteer opportunities.

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