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Land Conservation Fund

Join our campaign to conserve beautiful forests and farms throughout Southern Maryland! In June 2023, Southern Maryland RC&D established the Land Conservation Fund.  The Fund will be managed by the Board of Directors for the purpose of permanently protecting vulnerable lands from development.

Placing a conservation easement on a property, or purchasing a property outright, requires a lot of work on our part, as well as funding for "due diligence" -- preparing the various surveys, studies, and reports that are required. On average, it costs us $300 to save 1 acre of land.

RC&D must shoulder these incidental costs until they are reimbursed by government agencies, if they are reimbursable at all. This timeline can be as long as two years. Your contributions will help bridge the gap during that time when we are relying on our own operating capital for the incidental costs of conservation.

To date, RC&D has protected 2,770 acres of land in Southern Maryland. We are working with landowners to conserve another 750 acres over the next year. Without your support, we may not be able to accomplish this goal. Please consider helping us and become a Land Conservation Champion today!

Donate at or mail a check to:

Southern Maryland RC&D Board, Inc.

26737 Radio Station Way, Suite D

Leonardtown, MD 20650

Write "Land Conservation Fund" on the memo line.

Thank you

Potomac Level:
Coles Family Foundation
Leavitt Family Charitable Trust

Patuxent Level:
Federated Environmental Associates, Inc.
Cedar Point Federal Credit Union
Allison Burnett
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